SKOV installs over 400 climate controllers in Thailand

SKOV, through its sales office in Bangkok, has made agreements about supplying climate controllers to 450 broiler houses in Thailand.

SKOV A/S in Denmark will supply climate controllers to 450 broiler houses on 5 poultry farms in Thailand. The houses will be equipped with DOL 339 climate computers providing optimum possibilities for regulation of the climate in the livestock house, says the company.
"This is our largest individual order in Thailand so far. It concerns the installation of our most advanced climate computer ventilating according to the Tunnel principle," says SKOV sales manager Amnat Koenchai.
Installation will take place on 5 poultry farms which are in for renovation. The farms are owned by Leamthong, a private integration owning feed mills, breeder production, broiler production and slaughterhouses. Leamthong's products are sold both locally in Thailand and are exported to neighbouring countries. The integration has a production of approx. 1.5 mln day-old chickens per week.
The company states that the first 44 climate controllers will be ready to be installed in early November provided that the rain does not delay the building project. The remaining climate computers - just over 400 - will be installed at the end of November/beginning of December on the 4 other poultry farms, says Amnat Koenchai.
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