Double shelf-life for fresh poultry

Teva-Off, Israel, launches fresh poultry with an 8-day shelf-life. This surpasses all other fresh meat and poultry products available in the marketplace.

For this dramatic paradigm shift in poultry shelf-life capacity, Teva-Off used proprietary packaging technology by Hefestus, Israel. This new invention helps the producer and the retailer cut product cost and number of returns significantly as a result of improving processes in the supply chain, says the company.

Meat and poultry products are highly sensitive to oxidation and, more importantly, rapidly decompose and suffer damage via bacteria. Shelf-life of such products is at most 4 days. Teva-Off has succeeded in doubling its poultry product shelf-life to 8 days. This breakthrough in protecting poultry-product freshness and extending shelf-life can influence the entire supply chain from manufacturer to consumer. Short shelf-life in meat and poultry products typically causes large amounts of returns and discards of expired products, while decreasing profit significantly.

"This is the first fresh poultry product with extended shelf life and we anticipate it will totally change consumer purchasing and cooking behavior," says Amnon Ariel, CEO of Teva-Off.

Teva-Off developed the new product with Hefestus’ proprietary packaging technology, Hera SLB™ (Shelf Life Booster). A high-quality applications laboratory performed shelf-life tests on a daily basis over a period of several months. Results showed Hefestus’ advanced technology provided a maximum shelf-life of 12 days or more for fresh poultry.

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