Laser good alternative for beak trimming

The use of a laser could be a good alternative for conventional beak trimming of poultry. According to US researchers, using infrared is better in terms of animal welfare without decreasing animal productivity.

USDA researchers and people from the University of Purdue used a laser method that is already used in human medicine. Beak trimming with the laser seems to be more accurate and less painful for the animals.

The researchers compared hens that were trimmed in a conventional way (with a knive) and hens that were trimmed with the laser. Both the egg production and the measurable stress levels did not differ between the two groups. However, the laser treated birds were less aggressive and had a better feather pack.

These results differ from a study that was conducted in the the Netherlands in the 90's. In this study, Dutch researchers showed that losses (through aggression) were higher in the laser treated group.


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