2009 Penn Vet World Leadership Award

The Penn Vet World Leadership Award was given to Dr. Frederick A. Murphy from the Department of Pathology, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. The ceremony took place during the OIE worldwide conference “Evolving veterinary education for a safer world” held in Paris on 12-14 October 2009.

The Award

The award honours veterinarians who have dramatically changed the practice and image of the profession and substantially influenced the lives and careers of others. Underwritten by the Vernon and Shirley Hill Foundation, the award provides $100,000 in unrestricted funding to the recipient .

OIE world conference

”We could think of no better moment than the OIE world conference on veterinary education to recognize the value of an outstanding veterinarian, researcher and person such as Dr Murphy. Besides, it is the greatest honor for the OIE to be actively participating in this amazing venture initiated by the Hill Foundation” Dr Bernard Vallat, OIE Director General said.

Leadership role

Dr. Murphy’s greatest impact on the future of the veterinary profession is his expertise in the field of infectious disease. In particular, Dr. Murphy has played a leadership role in viral pathogenesis and has articulated clearly the role of animal pathogens in new and emerging diseases.

Source: OIE

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