Big Dutchman: Feeder line height control

ELS4 is one of Big Dutchman's newly developed computer-controlled systems for the height adjustment of feed lines.

The new controller is a very helpful tool that provides work relief and reduces feed losses. This is used particularly in broiler breeder houses where the ReproMatic feeding system is used, as well as for the separate male feeding.

ELS4 is not a stand-alone-device, i.e. the respective production computer (MC 95 or Viper) defines the moment when the feed lines are moved up or down and gives a corresponding signal when the previously adjusted height is reached.

The ELS4 allows the farmer to adjust the adequate minimum and maximum height of each feeding line (max. 4) and to change it quickly and easily at any time. This can be of importance at the beginning of the production period when the birds are still growing or a readjustment is necessary. The manual adjustment of the end switch of the motor winch of feed lines is not necessary anymore.

According to Big Dutchman, the advantages are:
- Precise height adjustment of the feed lines according to breed and age of the birds –> prevention of feed losses
- Maximum and minimum height of the respective feed line can be configured individually
- Up to 4 motor winches can be connected
- Current height of all feed lines is shown in the display
- Saving of time and work relief

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