CobbSasso 150 breaks new ground in Hungary

Hungary has become the latest country to take up the CobbSasso 150, the product aimed at the 'certified' and 'intermediate' sectors of the chicken market.

The Hungarian processor Her-Csi-Hús Kft is planning to produce certified broilers and has decided to purchase CobbSasso 150 parent stock. The first shipment of parents has already been placed with production of chicks scheduled to begin early in 2010 through its associated hatchery company Brokerbét Kft.

Managers from both the broiler producer and hatchery visited Sasso headquarters in Les Landes region of France during the summer to learn about management of the breed.

- The CobbSasso 150 was the first product to emerge from the partnership between Cobb and the French breeder Sasso, a world leader in coloured chickens. The product is a coloured chicken bred from a rustic brown female mated to a white male, with around 10% of the broilers having brown feathers and providing distinctive colour markings.

- The breed offers producers a wider choice for supplying the market for chickens reared to higher welfare standards for both indoor and free range systems.

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