Indian marriage season may push poultry prices

The quiet period in the poultry market seems to have ended along with the Indian Navaratras festival as the prices of poultry products are anticipated to increase by as much as 15% helped by the onset of the marriage season.

The wholesale chicken prices are looking bright after the 'Navatartas' as it has climbed to Rs 60-62 (app. € 0.88) a kg and may go up further to Rs 70 (€1.00) a kg in another 15 days' time, Poultry Federation of India spokesperson Rickey Thaper said.
During the 'Navaratras' the wholesale prices were ruling at Rs 54 (€ 0.78) a kg, he said, adding that the farmers were holding back their stocks in anticipation of good rates during the marriage and winter season demand.
He noted that this rise in prices will benefit farmers and help them reap handsome profits as the poultry feed prices have declined considerably.
“The soybean meal prices are currently quoted at Rs 17,000 (€ 245) per tonne ex-plant, which was Rs 19,000 (€ 273) a tonnes a month earlier,” Thaper said.

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