Shellbiotic launched to support egg quality

Good peak productions are achieved with today's genetics of laying hens and broiler breeders. The real challenge is to maintain persistency while maximising the number of saleable consumption/hatching eggs, according to Vitamex.

In order to obtain this, Vitamex N.V. developed Shellbiotic, which is based on a synergistic combination of Aromabiotic, lactic acid and organic calcium.

With this composition, the company states that not only are the favourable effects of Aromabiotic on intestinal health and egg production retained, but they are also supported by the positive effects of Aromabiotic, lactic acid and organic calcium on egg quality.

According to the company, test results with Shellbiotic demonstrate improved performances of layers, breeders and day-old chicks in the following ways:
- A better laying persistency ensures a larger number of eggs.
- The feed conversion is significantly better.
- Less cracking results in a greater number of saleable eggs.
- Better albumen quality ensures a better hatchability and quality of the day-old chicks.

Source: Vitamex

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