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Cherkizovo completes $50 mln poultry facility

Russian meat producer Cherkizovo Group has reportedly completed the $50 mln construction project at the Vertunovka poultry facility, reports the Business Financial News.

In its new form, Vertunovka consists of 44 bird house incorporating the use of state-of-the-art technology. Total production capacity is expected to reach approx. 60 mln incubatory eggs per year.

Cherkizovo Group CEO Sergey Mikhailov: "With the completion of the Vertunovka site, we have achieved the most time and cost-intensive element of the poultry industry's investment cycle. The construction of the facility is highly important for the Group, since its operational capacity is almost unrivalled, not only in Russia, but also in Europe. The successful completion of this project is in line with our strategy to improve operational efficiency in order to remain Russia's leading poultry manufacturer."

Source: Business Financial News

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    It's a good sign of poultry industry devolopment in this country and now a days it should be in the large scale with fully automation is profitable in my view which serves yhe basic needs of the people.

    Poultry specialist

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