Radwa installs new broiler loading machinery

This month, Radwa Food Production Co. Ltd, a prominent player in The Kingdoms poultry market, began using the most modern way of loading their broiler chickens.

The maker of this chicken loading machine, the Apollo, is the company Ciemmecalabria from Italy. With more than 30 years experience in the field of loading poultry and over 10 years experience in the Middle East, Ciemmecalabria has a full understanding of loading solutions for the poultry industry.

The Apollo will maintain the high quality standards of Radwa and will provide many additional benefits regarding staff expenses and speed, says the comapny. The Apollo secret is the unique but simple way it collects the chicken at the front of the machine and the effortless way of loading into the broiler container.

In addition to 3 Apollo machines, Radwa has decided to complete their loading solution by purchasing 2 Ercolino forklifts from the same company. The Ercolino will make sure that the speed gained from the loading will continue when placing the broiler containers on to the truck.

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