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Feed conversion rate under 1.59

Feed efficiency with FCR's in the 1.5s for 35 day, and in the 1.6s for 42 day broilers is said to be possible with Mini-Flockman. These are at least 2 to 5 points better than the breed targets. Results are from farms using the system.

During 2009, feedback from large integrator’s R&D sites growing heavier birds, led to further changes and field trials, which resulted in a complete revision of the software. This latest version of Mini-Flockman now enables site managers to control their birds’ daily feed intake the same way that cattle farmers do. The Mini-Flockman flock management system is based on lights and feed that are controlled by one small box with a keypad and a green back-lit display and several switches.
Before the birds arrive, Mini-Flockman needs some information. It needs to know how many compound feeds are to be used during the life of the birds and for how many days each feed is to be fed. Also, whether the farmer wishes whole cereal to be fed to supplement the compound feeds. If this is so, a scale factor can be set up to increase or decrease the percentage whole cereal fed depending on the quality of the compound feeds and the farmer’s experience.
There is an option for dimmable lights, non-dimmable lights or both to be used. The dimmable lights can be used just for the dimming up and dimming down function if the low-running-cost non dimmable lights are to be used on their own during the light periods. The dimming up and dimming down times can be set.
A main feature is the Feed/Light Profile. This sets up in advance for each day of the crop cycle, how many feeding periods there are to be for each day and when feed pans are activated. The length of time for dark periods is also pre-set. They can be set to change gradually from day to day if required. Each day does not have to be entered. You only set days when changes are wanted. Mini-Flockman calculates the days in between.
Nearly 100 systems are now on farms in the Southwest of the UK as well as abroad including New Zealand and China. David Filmer of Mini-Flockman said “The system owes much to practical experience and feedback from growers worldwide and we hope it contributes to a better use of scarce and expensive feed resources, whilst improving bird Health & Welfare, and cutting mortality, leg problems and factory rejects”.
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    it is also possible at commercial level
    but with high bio security
    for this we should adopted only one rule

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