HSA invites for applications for 2010 Humane Slaughter Award

The Humane Slaughter Association (HSA) – an independent UK based charity that works through education, training, research and technical developments towards achieving high standards of welfare for food animals at markets, during transport and at slaughter – is inviting applications for its 2010 Humane Slaughter Award.

The objective of HSA is to underline the importance that slaughter methods are as humane as possible – that they approach as closely as possible the ideal of not causing any fear or pain. Great advances have been made in this field in recent decades and work in pursuit of further improvements is continuing.

In order to help give recognition to important contributions and to help promote the pursuit of further advances, HSA launched the Humane Slaughter Award scheme last year. It is open to individuals or organisations, anywhere in the world, whose work has resulted in significant advances in the humane slaughter of farmed livestock like poultry. The inaugural, 2009, Award was won by Dr Craig Johnson and his colleagues at Massey University in New Zealand for their investigation of pain in cattle slaughtered without prior stunning.

The award is for £1,000 and the deadline for the receipt of applications or nominations is 31st March 2010.

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