Quiznos: more poultry from cage-free hens

The American Quiznos sandwich chain announced last week it has adopted a new animal-welfare policy for the, eggs, turkey and pork it buys.

Quiznos will buy more eggs from cage-free chickens, and more turkeys that are killed using a method that the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) described as more humane. The changes will be phased in.

The policy says Quiznos will buy 4% of its eggs this year from producers who don't put chickens in cages, with a goal of raising that to 10% in five years. The chain also removed eggs from three of its four cookies on the menu.

"We are always trying to find new ways to be better corporate citizens, and we'll continue to seek those ways," Quiznos spokesman Joe Hodas said.

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