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Termites as poultry feed

Backyard poultry farmers in India practice the method of feeding termites to poultry. It is believed that feeding termites has been found to improve nutrition in the birds.

The practice has been documented by late Dr Mariadass, a Tiruchi (Tamil Nadu) based veterinary doctor.

Farmers fill a mud pot with old jute sacks, paddy straw, maize husk or any available dried crop stubble and dried cow dung. This has to be moistened with water and the pot placed upside down in the field.

If the inverted pot is opened the next day it will be full of termites and can be given as feed for the birds.


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    This method is well known and commonly used for decades by African farmers, especially in Burkina-Faso for feeding guinea fowls.

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    Dear Sir,

    It was reported that these will act
    bioindicater in entomological research
    journals and in poultry journals it was
    reported as transmitters of viral,bacterial diseases etc.,most prominently by RD virus.


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    Doug Xto

    Kindly Dr. K.S.R..please tell me how these method increase viruses and viral infections to the poultry because i use it to feed my chicken. my email address is wizduggy@gmail.com

  • murali murali

    viral infections is only for broiler and hybrid chickens,not for indian breeds

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