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Avian Technology introduces new poultry syringe

US company Avian Technology is the distributor for the T.M. 222 double barrel syringe that makes mass vaccination easier and faster, it says.

The 222 syringe is ideal to use in vaccination programmes where 2 vaccines need to be administered simultaneously. The syringe can dispense 2 independent vaccines from 2 barrels through 2 needles.

The 222, which is suitable for use on all poultry, has a durable steel design that fits comfortably into the user's hand for fast and accurate application. It is available in 0.1 cc, 0.2 cc, 0.25 cc, 0.3 cc and 0.5 cc dosages.

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    Tom Bratton

    I need to inject .8ml with out two pumps what are my options with the 222? I have made some of my own changes but don,t know if they will pass the test of time.

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