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Swine flu – Russia bans poultry

Following the outbreak of swine flu, Russia has now placed a ban not only on pork, but on beef and poultry from certain US states.

The ban applies to meat and poultry produced in California, Kansas, New York, Ohio and Texas, where cases of influenza have been reported.

US fighting poultry and meat ban

US officials insist that US trading partners have no legitimate health reason for banning imports of US meat.

"We're trying to underscore the fact that actions taken to ban the importation of pork or beef from the US is not scientifically based, and could result in some serious trade disruptions," said US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

The US Meat Export Federation says it's very concerned that Russia is now refusing to accept any non-heat-treated meat, including beef and poultry. The federation says there's been a "demonstrated over-reaction", according to ABC Rural.

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    Don't you think there is a link between Russia banning meats for US & them not having any confirmed cases of swine flu to date? Is it in the meat?

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