News update:Jun 9, 2009

Kiotechagil: new distributors in SA, Thailand

Kiotechagil, which manufactures a range of products for the animal feed, has successfully concluded new distribution agreements in South Africa and Thailand.

These will provide a significant boost to sales potential and will bring sales into these territories within the current financial year, says the company.

In South Africa, Kiotechagil has signed with Protea Animal Feeds, part of the Omnia Group which has a capitalisation of more than R1 bln. Protea will also act as distributor for Kiotechagil in other Southern African countries including Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Protea currently provides specialty feed ingredients to all sectors of the feed industry and is committed to broadening the scope of its business by offering Kiotechagil’s feed additive range so as to enhance nutritional performance for their customers. It is anticipated that the first tranche of Kiotechagil’s products will be ready for launch in the final quarter of the year.

In Thailand, Kiotechagil has appointed Bangkok based Lic Agrotech Ltd. This company, founded in 2005, currently supplies feed ingredients and premixes to all sectors of the feed industry selling direct to farmers and integrators.

The Kiotechagil product range will complement Lic Agrotech’s and sales are expected to start during the last quarter 2009 once all Kiotechagil’s main products have been registered.

"These two new distributors will increase our international footprint and will play an important step in further developing our business overseas," said Kiotechagil director Mike Rogers. "We anticipate our strong range of anti-bacterial acids, toxin binders and pellet binders will have significant appeal in these markets."

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