Innofiber promotes gut health in poultry

Innofiber is a natural fibre released during the extraction of inuline from chicory roots. This fibre has a prebiotic mode of action and can be used to promote gut health in farm animals. Research shows that it can also have many benefits for monogastrics, like poultry.

Being a byproduct from the inuline (a prebiotic) production, the fibre has special nutritional characteristics. The energy value is comparable to the one from beet pulp and an inuline content of 5-17%. The balance of soluble and non soluble fractions in the product makes it a good water absorber. The soluble fraction is fermented in the colon to volatile fatty acids. This creates a low pH which in turn promotes good gut action and development. The inuline in the product promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria such as Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus and Bacteroides.

Innofiber used to mainly mixed in ruminant feeding. Recent research commissioned by Beneo - Animal Nutrition in Belgium showed that the product also works well in piglets, sows, poultry, horses, calves and pets. The fibres decrease constipation in the animals which creates firmer manure. It had also effect on the nitrogen metabolism. The fibres catch a large part of the nitrogen molecules in the gut, which reduced the amount of nitrogen excreted via urine and manure. The water absorbing properties of the fibres let the animals feel more "full" in the stomach. This can calm the animals down as they have not the intention to grave all day.

The recommended dosage of the fibre in animal diet lies between 2-5%. It can be sold as 6mm pellets and powder in bulk, big bags and 25kg bags.

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