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FDA asked to ban poultry litter from feed

A consumer advocacy group Food Animal Concern Trust (FACT) is urging the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban the use of poultry litter in cattle feed through a petition on its website.

The FDA considered such a ban after the nation’s first case of mad cow disease surfaced in 2003 but never took the action, reports state.

On the Food Animal Concern Trust (FACT) website, it states:

Would you feed animal waste to your dog or cat? Probably not. It's dirty, disgusting and intuitively just seems wrong. Unfortunately, not all animals are so lucky. In areas of the United States where large cattle and poultry operations coexist, chicken waste (or, more accurately, 'poultry litter') is routinely fed to cows. Poultry litter consists primarily of manure, feathers, spilled feed and bedding material that accumulate on the floors of the buildings that chickens and turkeys. It can contain disease-causing bacteria, antibiotics, toxic heavy metals, substances that cause Mad Cow Disease, and even foreign objects such as dead rodents, rocks, nails and glass.

Surprisingly, this unhealthy and inhumane practice is legal and poorly monitored - creating unacceptable risks to human and animal health. The FDA needs to ban the use of animal waste as animal feed before human and animal health is further compromised.  For more information, check out www.filthyfeed.org.

The website goes on to say that many prominent groups have endorsed its efforts to elicit an FDA ban on feeding poultry litter to cattle. These groups include the Center for Food Safety, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union, Food & Water Watch, Humane Society of the United States, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, etc.

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    steve white

    I cannot believe smart people don't know that dogs and cats eat animal waste on there own. For one thing they lick thier own butts, they clean thier own young of waste. Have you never seen a dog or cat eat birds, mice, moles or larger prey? Well they do and they don't clean them first, they eat them lock stock and waste. My dogs eat dead things and when they are not rotten enough they bury it for a few days and then they eat it. I live in the country, where my dogs are free to go where and when they want, and during calving season the dogs scour the fields for calf poop just to eat and no they are not starving I put commercial dog food out every night when thier bowls are empty. Dogs and cats are animals and when left to there own likings they like to eat things, things that are discusting over DOG FOOD that has been prepared to look pretty.

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