Chore-Time introduces control pan light

Chore-Time says it now offers poultry producers a new way to attract birds to the control pans with its bright white control pan light.

Increasing bird activity at the control pans results in more feed being eaten from the control pans, and this, in turn, helps to ensure that feed is delivered to the rest of the feeder line, says the company.

Chore-Time's 220 V AC pan light can be mounted on any 1.75-inch diameter feeder line tube with a 220 V AC power supply. Powered by the control pan's power unit, the light remains lit whenever the timer activates the feeder.  When using ad lib feeding, the pan light stays lit 24 hours a day.

The new pan light is available in a kit that includes all components needed for installation. The rugged, 9-watt LED bulb does not build up heat, and it is rated for long life.


Natalie Berkhout

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