Putin: US may lose Russia's poultry business

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that US poultry producers needed to comply with Russian processing standards or risk losing Russia's business, reports Official Wire.

Putin issued his warning in advance of bilateral talks concerning US poultry exports to Russia, scheduled to begin shortly.

Russia has been cutting poultry import quotas in recent years, but in 2009 passed an effective ban on US poultry by setting a limit on how much chlorine can be used in processing, RIA Novosti reported.

That law took effect on 1 January this year. Now, however, Putin says Russia would find another supplier for poultry if US producers did not comply with Russia's standards.

Russia opened its markets to U.S. poultry producers in the early 1990s, but has been reducing the quota in recent years. After peaking at 1 bln mt in 2001, the quota has shrunk to 600 mln mtfor 2010 and is scheduled to drop to 409 mln mt by 2012.

Source: Official Wire

Natalie Berkhout

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