Brazil poultry exports down

In January 2010, Brazil's poultry exports fell 15%, compared to January 2009, totaling 233,000 mt, according to the Brazilian poultry producers Association (Abef).

Poultry sales were down mostly due to weaker demand from neighboring Venezuela, reports The Progressive Farmer.

Brazil's poultry exports fell 16% in revenue terms in 2009, while volume was unchanged at 3.63 mmt. According to Abef, last year's performance suffered as the global financial crisis weakened demand and lowered prices. Exports also suffered due to a stronger local currency, which makes the country less competitive on the international market.


Pork and poultry production and exports have a strong impact on the local corn and soymeal markets. Brazil produced a record winter corn crop last season and is on track to repeat that again this season. Sluggish local demand and high carry over stocks, however, means prices are currently below the cost of production in most regions of the country.

Source: The Progressive farmer

Natalie Berkhout

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