Twinpack bv. Noordwijkerhout / Barneveld

Twinpack bv. Noordwijkerhout / Barneveld is a trading company specialised in packaging and transporting systems mend for the cut flower and poultry industry.

Almost 10 years ago Twinpack developed the Eggs Cargo System. A system mend for transport of shell eggs from production locations to the egg grading and processing industries.

The Eggs Cargo System contains durable plastic keytrays / pallets and dividers all adjusted to each other. 

The Eggs Cargo System allows the user to transport 10.800 up to 12.900 eggs per pallet without the need of stainless steel containers or corrugated sheets.

The ECS saves a lot of labour and makes egg handling easier then ever before.

In cooperation with Kuhl from the USA we developed special cleaning installations for all three items.  Vencomatic / Prinzen developed full automatic loading and unloading systems for the Eggs Cargo System.

After 10 years of successful acquisition Twinpack has become world market leader with this system. All around the world the Eggs Cargo System is in use at great satisfaction of our clients.

The Eggs Cargo System by Twinpack allows you to introduce excessive automations in your grading plant and/or processing plant. The ECS will bring you in a new century of egg handling in perspective of care for people and the environment.

Beside the Eggs Cargo System you can find in our booth; packaging for chicken meat and eggs, transport crates and pallets, displays and boxes.

You can find Twinpack on the VIV Europe 2010 exhibition in Utrecht The Netherlands.

Hall 7 / Booth A050.

See you in Utrecht!


Editor WorldPoultry

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