Russia expects boost in poultry production

Russian meat production is expected to increase 6% to reach 10.5 mln t, said the country's Ministry of Agriculture.

The Russian government has increased its funding on domestic meat producers, particularly on poultry meat producers, aiming to meet domestic demand while realizing meat exportation, reports Xinhua.

Some 4.7 bln rubles (approx. US$160.5 mln) from federal and regional finances has been used to spur poultry meat production, statistics showed.

In all, 124 relevant projects are currently underway in Russia, with the total production estimated at 646,000 t.

According to a food security doctrine approved in February, the share of domestic meat and meat products in the country's market should be no less than 85%.

Source: xinhuanet.com

Natalie Berkhout

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