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Animal Transportation Association new website

Participants at the ATA's annual conference in Florida got the first peak at the new ATA website, offers a fresh, one stop website for everything animal transport.

The open access side of the webpage provides the public with general information on shipping animals of all species by all modes of transport. Information available through the on-line directory includes shippers, forwarders, brokers, animal attendants, insurers and transportation consultants.

Links to government regulations, access to past ATA conference proceedings as well as news is easily accessible and up to date, says an Animal Transportation Association press release.

Along with the open public pages, ATA members will have access to past webinar presentations, animal transportation research library and committee reports. Memberships can be renewed, contact/company information updated and the upcoming “Best Practices for Animal Transportation” (Fall 2010) will be available.

The new website: www.animaltransportationassociation.org

Natalie Berkhout


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    dr ak sharma

    there is need for listing of facilities at global family for inter dependency and economical use of facilities both physical and knowledge pl think one world one family

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