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Sri Lanka to import chicken from Brazil

The Minister of Cooperatives and Internal Trade Johnston Fernando says that the Sri Lankan government has decided to import 3,000 mt of chicken from Brazil to meet the shortage in the market.


Chicken prices have escalated despite price control as the traders have raised prices of the products with value addition.

Sri Lanka presently produces only 9,000 mt of chicken per annum while the annual consumption is 12,000 mt.


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    M. Roshan

    Importation of chicken and eggs will be caused many troubles to local (poor) farmers who doing small scale farming by price fluctuation of end products. Spercialy if wet market farm gate price drop to LKR 200.00 per Kg, make loss to farmers due to higher cost of production because of higher governmet levy on poultry inputs. So government should discussed this matter with farmers and experts and come to better poultry industrial structure to Sri Lanka. Importation is not a solution for current situation of higher price of chicken.

    Following matters should be work out to have sufficent production and better market to farmers as well as consumers,
    1- Monthly day old chicks' production and its retailprice

    2-Feed production and their retail price

    3- Farmerceutical availability and retail price

    From: M.Roshan B.Sc(agric)Sp,M.Sc(PST)

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    Mohamed Rameez

    Government shortsighted decision gravely damages the entire poultry industry in SL.

    Small scale farmers supply 70% of the requirement. This importation decision not only has negative impact on farmers, but also on maize growers, milling byproduct sellers, intermediaries, feed, forage & day old chick traders and chicken vendors.

    If government much concern about consumers, what it should have done is, get rid of levies on raw materials, which subsequently reduces feed cost and give an impetus to produce more locally to meet demand & supply gap. Unfortunately �public disoriented government� would not understand this simple mechanism.

    If solution is importation, no wonder Sri Lankan averse to consume 3-4 month old frozen Brazilian chicken very soon.

    Mohamed Rameez

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