Poultry farm in the Philippines raided and burnt

Maosit rebels in the Philppines have raided a poultry farm in the south of the country and burned two buildings after the owner ignored their extortion demands, a military spokesman has confirmed.

During the raid by the New People's Army, some 9,000 to 10,000 chickens were burned in the two poultry houses that the rebels allegedly set on fire.

The rebels had earlier contacted the farm owner Onyx Go by telephone, threatening to return with gasoline and matchsticks unless he agreed to pay up 60,000 pesos (S$1,770) a month, according to a military statement. Go had supposedly refused to pay them protection money

The raid marked the second such attack on businesses owned by Go, who had supposedly refused to pay the rebels protection money, when his chicken shop in a nearby town was ransacked by the rebels.

Source: Straits Times

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