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Nutritional value of extruded full-fat soybean meal for poultry

Dr Reza Poureslami
Properly processed extruded full-fat soybean meal is a high-quality source of energy and protein for poultry.


High-shear extrusion processing deals with a short-time (20sec), high-temperature (up to 320°F) and high-pressure (40 atm) cooking condition which leads to rupturing cell wall, liberating oil, and protein denaturation.
Consequently, lipolytic enzymes and anti-nutritional factors (trypsin inhibitors and urease) will be deactivated. The nutritional quality and amino acid digestibility of properly processed extruded soybean meal is remarkably better than conventional soybean meal (solvent). Typical US whole soybeans contain about 38% crude protein and 19.5% oil (acid hydrolysis).
The extruded full-fat soybeans have the same amount of protein and oil but lower moisture content.
By using extruded full-fat soybean meal in the poultry feed (TMEn: >3800 Kcal/Kg), there won't be any need for added fat. Also, there won't be a need for costly equipment to add fat to the diet in the feedmill (pumps, tanks…). Extruded full-fat soybean meal can also replace a considerable amount of the protein source in the diet.
Factors such as quality, price, availability of other ingredients, production system, age and type of the birds determine the level to which extruded full-fat soybean meal can be used in the diet.
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    Dr. Amirreza Bidgoli

    As the non beneficial parts of feed will be decreased, I think such a feed material can help us to formulate the feed easier. we will be able to add less soybean meal and oil, so we will have some free kgs for other additives. what's the % of protein in this soybean meal?

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    Gideon Aboagye

    Extruded full fat soybean meal contains between 40% - 48%C.P. In one analysis that we conducted we had a crude protein of 50%.The emphasis here is proper toasing of the beans, this allows alot of the oil to be extracted and the ANF (ANTI-NUTRITIONAL FACTORS) to be eliminated.When you get this process correct, you are likely to have a high protein level.
    It is also good for aquafeed formulation.

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    Nabil Said, Ph.D

    In an accurate response to one of the readers who asked about the anticipated crude protein in extruded whole soybeans, it all depends on the raw soybean crude protein. Conventional soybeans contain 36-38% crude protein and as it is extruded, the anticipated crude protein content will be in the range of 37-38% on as is basis or, about 40% crude protein on dry matter basis. There are varieties of soybeans that contain higher protein that may result in higher crude protein in the extruded full fat. Dehulling can also increase the protein level by 1-2% points.
    If the oil from the extruded whole soybeans is mechanically extracted, then a cruded protein level of 46-48% can be anticipated inn the extruded-expelled soybean meal ( ExPress soybean meal) with residual oil of 6-8%.

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    Suzanne King

    I tend a smaller farm flock - 160 birds in southeast Texas. Are there poultry feeds on the retail market containing extruded full-fat soybean meal that I could choose?

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    Dr V K Tiwari

    The extrusion of whole soybean at the temperature and pressure indicated is such extruder available in the market or required to be designed.Can you elaborate on the extruder. All the claims of total fat, protein content,palatability,digestibility are true and such a needed process is a worth requirement at present hour.Hope such practice works out easily for us.

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    Reza Poureslami

    @ Suzanne King, You might be able to order it through one of the processors in the country

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    Reza Poureslami

    @Dr V K Tiwari, this is a high-shear, single screw extruder machine invented by a company (Insta-Pro) in Iowa, USA.

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    Recently i have worked about alpha galactosidase enzyme for soya based feed in Bangladesh.So can you give me a brief about trypsin inhibitor.

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    chraphae raphael

    am from arusha tanzania east africa the mostly used material here is maize,sunflower,cotton,fish,bone,yeast,limestone and premixes if i add extruded full fat soybean is it okay? and by what% the feed am talking about is broiler feed.thank you very much

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    Halima Chande

    Soyabean oil is used by many people because it is unsaturated oil and therefore health to use for cooking. The oil is expensive but has the market. using it for poultry wont it cause a great competition and making the price prohibitive.
    On the other hand using soya oil may help in redusing the amount of maize place in the feed now that maize has become a concern. I was wondering on how affordable will the cost of such feed be and also what will be the maximumun inclusion rate and what will the quality of meat be like. good breakthrough.

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    Iyabo Ola

    In tropical climate, extruded full-fat soyabean has been known to cause excess body fat paricularly in layers and broilers. This has resulted in very high mortality rate during the dry season. What could be the solution to this recurrent problem?

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    Emmy Kewber- Ugachick poultry breeders ltd

    I highly agree on the nutritional density of full fat soya in providing both ME and CP. however some critical control points should be put during the soy processing. A soya toaster automated is the best gadget and after toasting a Soy check chemical is necessary to indicate the presence of ANF. other wise the protein inhibitor ( Antitrypsin) may render the feed useless. In the tropics due to heat stress, Vitamin C can be added to combat heat stress. Or you have to lower the ME level in the feed during hot season and reduce on the number of birds per sq metre.

  • Dharmen Shah

    We manufacture extruded full fat soya meal and it gives fantastic results with 38-40% protien,18-20% fat, urease activity below 0.3%,moisture 4 %- 6 %,crude fiber 6 % max. Our customers have got good results and have replaced the same with soya deoiled cake and oil(fat) they were using earlier

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  • RH Hume

    In Argentina we have been using extruded FFSB for many years with great success on productivity and economic reasons as well.
    In order to reduce the amount of TIU to 5mg we had to lower the urease activity to less than delta pH<0.05.

  • budi hartono

    can ihave some example formulation for starter till finisher broiler for comparation my data....use full fat, pmm, sbm, corn, fish meal, tx

  • Zelal Safetli

    Before the extraction of oil content soybeans are protein 37-38%
    When he graduated outputs become 44-48% resulting in cake
    What is the reason!
    Is there a difference in the impact of extruded full-fat soy beans and extruded soybean meal on performance Turkeys & Broiler !!

  • Dr Nitin Ghadage

    good one for me

  • Turner Potter

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