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The latest edition of World Poultry is now available online. This edition focuses on reviews of Space and the WVPA congress as well as breeding and the poultry market.

It was another successful year for SPACE, breaking participant levels, celebrating opportunities and rewarding innovations, however there was a level of sadness in the air as SPACE said goodbye to its longstanding president Jean-Micheal Lemetayer who passed away suddenly just before the show.

We also cover a farm visit to Wohlfahrt Poultry Farm in South Africa who are continuing three generations of success, the farm is consistently applying the fundamentals of best practice on their farm.

What is the future for layer breeding? Egg production and consumption around the world is growing at a rapid pace, Dr Rudolf Preisinger delves deeper into this subject.

Last but not least we visit Central America which is proving to be of a growing importance within the global poultry business.

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World Poultry

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