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New antibiotic discovered

Researchers from the US and Germany have discovered a new type of antibiotic. It is the first time in approximately 30 years, that a new antibiotic has been found.

The new antibiotic was discovered in a bacterium but until now it was not possible to produce it. The bacterium is found in the soil and is called teixcobactin. It was not known that this type of bacterium could produce an antibiotic.

Trials in mice showed that the antibiotic is very effective against bacteria, among which the MRSA bacteria. They also claim that tuberculosis can be treated with this antibiotic. Microbiologist Gilles van Wezel from Leiden University in the Netherlands expects that this type of antibiotic could hit the market in ten years, depending on its development in the coming years.

The first antibiotic, penicillin, was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928 and more than 100 compounds have been found since, but no new class has been found since 1987. The introduction of antibiotics also led to resistance in humans and animals.

However the new discovery offers hope that many new antibiotics could be found to fight bacterial infections. Crucially, the scientists believe that bacteria will not become resistant to teixobactin for at least 30 years because of its multiple methods of attack.


  • Aydin Mesgar

    very good!!

  • C.J. van Vliet

    Please keep it for human use only.

  • Akinyode victor

    just hoping it use will be monitored and not abused.

  • Digbijoy Hazra

    Try to use it in poultry birds

  • Emmy Koeleman

    The trend to reduce antibiotics in livestock will not change. This antibiotic (if further developed) can be the answer for humans that cannot be treated with the conventional antibiotics anymore, due to built up resistance.

  • B. Brink

    Resistants was al ready there before the first a.b.


    Good innovation. It's a welcomed development

  • Emeka Ogazi

    Thanks for the new trends effort to reduce use of antibiotics for animal use.

    In TEDI Farm, we do not allow any antibiotic of whatever wonder it will perform to our birds. Rather we use HERBS: Neem leaves, Odorata leaves and Moringa Leaves all pounded together and mix thoroughly with our feed. No Salmonella, Coci, and Pox will ever near your farm. You have a healthier growing birds, no watery stool of any kind. Most antibiotic for animal use that come to Nigerian do not work at all and it contributes to farmers woes in Nigeria.

    Further, We dry the birds droppings, sift, and grind mix the manure with feeds and feed the birds. That serves as our efficient vaccines to our birds. We have zero cost on antibiotic. When our vacinate birds with Gumbro vaccines, we end up introducing neck twisting newcastle that kill our birds. When we adopted use of herbal treatment and birds droppings. Our farm became a near term free from birds diseases. Try the above herbs and you see wonders and efficient diseases control in your farm, birds growing healthier and fatter incase of turkey and broiler. To the Layers, you have healthy alert birds, laying and patrolling all round.

  • Sreenivas Amritham

    Any new findings to reduce wing rot infection in layer pullets especially high in cobb B.V 300 in India Tamil nadu

  • Gabriel AJAYI

    This is good news. The unrelenting and enduring efforts of the researchers is commendable.

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