World Poultry 10: Global trends of bacteria enteritis

In a troubled year for the global poultry sector it is no surprise that biosecurity and disease prevention should be a prominent feature of the final issue of World Poultry in 2015. Packed full of 14 articles covering all aspects of the poultry industry, Elanco’s assessment of bacteria enteritis is the cover story.

Elanco Animal Health recently released its findings from its fourth Bacterial Enteritis Global Impact Assessment (BEGIA) which provides insights into the ongoing trends of this disease which continues to have an important impact on the poultry industry. Covering 4 pages, the article contains all the latest facts and figures about prevalence, signs and treatments.

Rebuilding after AI

The outbreak of avian influenza which decimated the poultry sector across the US mid-west was the biggest outbreak of an animal disease in US history. Iowan farmer Brad Moline explains the steps his farm has taken to recover and what valuable lessons have been learned from the contamination on his farm.

A recent development in the global protein-producing segment is the new antimicrobial resistance mechanism which has been found in bacteria from Chinese pigs, pork, poultry meat and humans. World Poultry interviewed Prof Dik Mevius of the Dutch Central Veterinary Institute who explained the consequences of what is considered to be the last resort antibiotic in human medicine.

Supplementary nutrients in poultry diets

Genetic selection has dramatically increased the performance of broiler and layer breeders, which also increased the overall demand for supplemental nutrients in diets. Subsequently, nutritionists have the responsibility to ensure the health and productivity of the flock in addition to the quality of the egg and resulting chick. What role does zinc, copper and manganese play in ensuring? Read the article 'Chelated trace minerals improve performance in layer and broiler breeder hens'.

Furthermore a full preview of the main event on the global poultry calendar, IPPE is included.

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