Hendrix Genetics and MTech-Systems team up

Hendrix Genetics and MTech-Systems have agreed on a worldwide working partnership. Hendrix Genetics is to adopt computer software from MTech-Systems for improved management of its worldwide livestock breeding facilities.

Under the agreement MTech software will be installed in the 24 countries where Hendrix Genetics is operating. "This is an important step in the further standardization of our global processes and it will help us serve our customers better," says Rob Kremers, director of IT for Hendrix Genetics.
"MTech has a lot of industry knowledge and experience through working with companies in different countries, and it has the benefit of already having solutions in place rather than needing to develop them separately."

Stronger base in Europe

"For MTech this strategic partnership gives our solution a stronger base in Europe with five new countries and a wider entry into the global market outside the United States," said Steve Parsons, director of MTech-Systems Europe.  "At the same time this provides a potential platform for developing an aquaculture solution."

Software modules for turkeys, egg layers and poultry

MTech will be installing the full suite of software modules initially for turkeys, egg layers and traditional poultry across all levels of the Hendrix Genetics supply chain from genetic nucleus to parent production level. "On the processing side we will be looking to install the complete set of modules for the management, planning and control from live bird reception to the finished product for the Hendrix Genetics processing operations in France," says Parsons.

World Poultry

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