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JSC Rus-SVS invests heavily in farm equipment

The German company Big Dutchman and Russian JSC Rus-SVS from Krasnodar Krai have signed an agreement on the supply of equipment for several poultry farms in southern Russia. The total investment amounts to €413,000.

JSC Rus-SVS will invest in battery cages with automatic feeding, removal of dung, water treatment units, egg collection systems and climate control. The new equipment will allow the company to increase its production capacities.

Increase number of poultry stock by 33,000 heads

The investment in new equipment will make it possible for JSC Rus-SVS to increase the number of poultry stock by 33,000 heads. Egg production will rise by 5.9 million units in comparison with 2014, when the company produced 11.9 million pieces.

Alternative technology for poultry breeding

JSC Russia-SVS is one of the most innovative poultry production companies in the south of Russia. It's unique in its use of a cell-based alternative technology for poultry breeding and artificial insemination of hens. The south of Russia is one of the most rapidly developing regions of the country in terms of agriculture and poultry production. Currently, 200 industrial investment projects in agriculture, totaling over RUB 64 billion (US$ 101 million), are underway.

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