Doux offers poultry farmers financial help

The French chicken processor Groupe Doux is to increase the prices it is paying its suppliers. Doux also offers them financial support for investments in new buildings and modernising their business.

Groupe Doux, which is specialised in frozen chicken, was on the brink of a total collapse in 2012 but is now in excellent shape. The company is partly owned by the Saudi-Arabian food company Munajem which is also one of its largest customers.

"Our production reaches 18,000 tonnes per month, that is a historic record. We are working at the maximum of our capacity. For this year, we're aiming at a growth of 12%," chairman of the board Arnaud Marion told a meeting of poultry farmers in Châteaulin, Brittany. Doux wants those farmers to share in its success, Marion said. The company will raise the price it pays for chicken to €11a tonne. The 350 integrated poultry farms will also receive a bonus of up to €8 per tonne, depending on the results of Doux. Finally, the company will set aside €2 million a year to support farmers who want to invest in their business. "My problem today is to meet the increasing demand of the market, I have to be able to increase the volumes," Marion said.

Ruud Peys

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