Record number of exhibitors at EuroTier 2016

The upcoming edition of EuroTier in November 2016 will showcase a record number of exhibitors and more than ever these exhibitors will come from abroad.

Until early September, in total 2,523 exhibitors from 57 countries had signed up for a place at the world’s largest animal husbandry show. The German Agricultural Society (DLG) aims for a total of 2,600 exhibitors when the show will kick off, on November 15.

The largest edition so far was the 2012 edition of EuroTier, when 2,428 exhibitors made their way to Hanover. Like in previous years, the projected number of visitors will be around 160,000.

BioEnergy Decentral

Growth could have even been bigger, if the number of companies exhibiting in the show’s ‘BioEnergy Decentral’ hadn’t come down. This section suffered from adverse market conditions, said Dr Karl Schlösser, the show’s project manager, on a press conference earlier this week in Göttingen, Germany.

Overseas exhibitors

Remarkable: for the first time the percentage of overseas exhibitors will exceed that of German exhibitors. In total 57.6% of exhibitors (1,453) come from abroad, in total 56 countries.

Of course, most exhibitors hail from Germany (1,070), although this means a reduction by 104 in comparison to 2014. Most prominent foreign country is the Netherlands with 231 exhibiting companies – an increase of 51 in comparison to the 2014 edition. The top-5 of exhibiting countries is completed by China (179), France (148) and Italy (133).

EuroTier innovations

In total, 251 innovations have been submitted to the EuroTier jury this year. Of these, 25 were chosen to be a ‘winner’. Whether this will be a golden or a silver medal, shall be announced during the EuroTier.

In the poultry farming area, the innovations focus on optimisation of drinking water supply and exact dosing of liquid feed additives. With feed additives the aim is to reduce the susceptibility of day-old chicks and poultry of all age-groups to pathogens through stabilisation of the gut flora. Furthermore, one innovation focuses on the most possible stress-free transportation of the animals, particularly at the processor. This shows that new-type modular designs of “transportation units” can have a multitude of positive effects.

The show shall be held at the Hanover Fairgrounds, 15-18 November, 2016.

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