UK caterer switches to free range eggs

Garrets International, the London‐based marine contract catering company, is introducing a free-range egg policy onboard the fleets it manages to take account of changing public attitudes and pre‐empting EU rules set to come into force in 2012.

“We supply more than 7.5 million eggs worldwide each year and we want all of these to be free range well ahead of the EU changes regarding chicken farming in 2012," said Barry Samms of Garrets International’s purchasing department, who is overseeing this project. “We are introducing this new policy in the UK, Belgium, Holland and Germany and are finding our clients are welcoming the opportunity to purchase more ethically‐produced eggs at our competitive prices."

The company plans to extend its free‐range policy to customers throughout the world as soon as the right resources become more widely accessible.

“By supplying free-range eggs our seafarers are able to enjoy a high quality product which we offer with the knowledge that it also helps to support more ethical food production practices,” explained Samms.

“Garrets is already recognised for supplying high quality stores to its vessels and we intend to continue to maintain our high standards. Our free‐range egg policy is only the beginning for us and we now plan to expand our approach to include other free range and organic products for onboard consumption,” he concluded.

Natalie Berkhout

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