News update:Mar 9, 2016

European Commission authorises Clostat for use in turkeys

The European Commission has voted to authorise the use of Kemin Industries’ Bacillus subtilis PB6, Clostat, in turkeys for fattening; extending its existing approval for use in chickens for fattening, minor poultry species and piglets.

Clostat contains a proprietary strain of Bacillus subtilis PB6 that was isolated and selected by Kemin scientists from the intestine of healthy chickens that naturally coped with pathogenic strains of Clostridium spp. during a necrotic enteritis outbreak. After its continuous use as a preventative application in the field, it has consistently proven that Clostat can support intestinal health in poultry and livestock, improving welfare farm status as well as reducing mortalities and medication costs.

Clostat supports intestinal health by maintaining a natural microflora balance, regardless of the animal species affected. The active ingredient, Bacillus subtilis PB6, is a naturally spore-forming bacteria that offers interesting advantages for long-term storage without refrigeration or need for encapsulation as it is heat stable for feed pelleting processes. Clostat is compatible with most standard coccidiostats used in the European Union (EU), as well as organic acids when used via water application.

It is well known that intestinal integrity and microbial balance in commercial poultry and livestock are important factors that can determine an animal's capacity to reach its full genetic potential for growth and yield. In turkeys, just as in broilers, Clostridium spp. can cause diarrhea, poor nutrient assimilation, wet litter and long-term leg problems resulting in flock impairment with low zootechnical parameters.

Testimonials from producers and veterinarians across the world indicate that Clostat works effectively to maintain a balanced gastrointestinal tract, reducing intestinal Clostridial disorders while supporting the responsible use of antibiotics.

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