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Skov builds app for management programme

Danish climate control and production monitoring company has taken a new step to make its management programme more interactive through the launch of a Web-based app.

In swine and poultry production it is crucial that producers can constantly monitor figures. Gain and consumption key figures should be compared with expectations – and action ought to be taken immediately whenever deviations occur.

The novel FarmOnline Explorer is a mobile app for smartphones, enabling the user to access the Skov house computers via the FarmOnline Explorer PC management programme. Through the Web, real-time production and climate data can thus be obtained, as well as alarms.

FarmOnline Explorer is available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 7. Each of the three types of smartphones has its own user interface, but a common graphical expression and functionality. The program can be downloaded free of charge from Apple App Store, Google Apps Marketplace and Windows Store.

Coloured fields next to the key values indicate whether the current value is within the desired range. When users press a location in the survey screen, the app shows a more detailed survey of selected key values. Other locations on the same farm can be accessed in the same screen.

At VIV Asia, Skov can be found in Hall 102, booth N066.


  • Mr Luis Benavides Andrade

    <> - Now a days support the poultry control process, through web applications if a way to give management tools to a sector that need be more efficient. Web App such as, Ross App, and FarmOnline Explorer. It is nice listening as the market has adopted the tecnology information in the planning and control production into poultry industry.


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