News update:Mar 9, 2016

US poultry plants recognised for safety performance

One hundred thirty four meat and poultry plants in the US have been recognised with awards for outstanding safety performance. The awards were presented at the American Meat Institute (AMIF) 2013 Conference on Worker Safety, Human Resources and the Environment in Kansas City, Missouri.

Thirty plants were recognised with the highest award – the Award of Honor. Fifty received the Award of Merit. In addition, 29 plants received the Award of Commendation and 25 received a Certificate of Recognition.

“Worker safety progress is one of our industry’s greatest success stories,” said AMI President and CEO J. Patrick Boyle. “During the last 19 years, injury/illness rates in the US meat industry have improved by nearly 80%. The rate of injury and illness in the meat and poultry industry continues to fall – and this is no ‘accident.’”

“We’ve gone from bearing the unfortunate moniker of “the most dangerous industry in America” to being one of the most progressive and proactive. This kind of progress comes from dedication, hard work and a commitment that starts at the highest levels and is embraced throughout the plant.”

At the same event, 124 meat and poultry plants were recognised with Environmental Recognition awards.

The Environmental Recognition Award Program is a four-tier, voluntary environmental management system toolbox, coupled with an awards program that ranges from simple to complex. This year 40 plants received the highest level Tier Four awards. Sixty-one were recognized for Tier Three; 11 were recognized for Tier Two; and 12 plants were recognized for completing Tier One.

“The meat and poultry industry has made great strides in our environmental programs said AMI President and CEO J. Patrick Boyle, who presented the awards. “Companies understand that not only do these steps benefit their communities, they also make good business sense.”

To view a list of this year’s Safety Award winners, click here and for a complete list of this year’s Environmental Recognition award recipients, click here.

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