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Namibia tightens poultry import measures

The Namibian Ministry of Trade and Industry has tightened control measures around the importation of poultry products by introducing import permits.

The new control measures which came into force on 6 May mean that the Meat Board of Namibia will issue permits upon application for the importation of poultry products into the country.

Importers of poultry products derived from slaughtered chickens will be issued with permits to import poultry products not produced locally, with the ministry settling for a monthly quota of 600 tonnes, which will be apportioned amongst importers.

Manager of operations at the Meat Board, Willie Schutz, said only basic products not produced locally will be permitted to enter the country. These include frozen products such as wings, baby chicken and breast fillets, while Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) products such as fresh whole birds will be restricted from entering Namibia.

According to Schutz, the apportioning of the 600 tonnes will be weighed on the basis of each individual importer’s import history from the previous financial year, against what they currently intend to import.
Namibia’s biggest poultry producer, Namibia Poultry Industries (NPI) produces about 2,000 tonnes of poultry products per month for local consumption.

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