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Ukraine enforces new standards for poultry meat

The Ukraine is to enforce new standards regarding the water content in poultry meat from July 1, 2014, the country’s Ministry of Economic Development has stated.

“The Poultry Research Institute of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine on the request of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food has developed a new national standard for poultry production. According to this, the rate of mass fraction of moisture released during defrosting of poultry meat should not exceed 4%,” a statement from the ministry said.

The press service noted that such level of moisture content in poultry is adopted in the European Union and is currently considered appropriate in terms of meat quality.

“Due to this new standard that meets the requirements of both Europe and Russia we will increase the export of Ukrainian poultry products. Also strengthening our presence in foreign markets will be the fact that the rate of moisture releasing during defrosting, may be determined by the contract with the importing country, and the low level of water content is an obvious advantage of Ukraine producers,” said the Ministry of Economic Development.

The Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Igor Prasolov, called harmonisation of Ukrainian technical regulations with European legislation, one of the most important tasks of the policy of the Ukraine government.

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