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HKScan opens centralised Baltic poultry facility

HKScan Corporation is centralising its Baltic poultry production at its renovated Tabasalu facility, which was officially inaugurated this week.

As of the beginning of 2014, the Tabasalu facility will be responsible for slaughtering, cutting, deboning and processing of poultry meat for the entire Baltic region in HKScan Group. The plant will take over the production of poultry products previously manufactured at the Loo facility near Tallinn.

The Tabasalu facility has been modernised and expanded in stages over the past few years. The last new lines are to be installed by the end of this year. The 13.5 million euro investment will enable Tallegg to double its Baltic production capacity and respond to growing demand for poultry products in Estonia and export markets. The Tabasalu facility manufactures a range of products sold chiefly in the Baltic countries, including Tallegg fresh chicken products, smoked poultry products, marinated and oven products.

“Bringing added capacity, this investment also enhances our technological capabilities, supporting the development of the Tallegg brand and improving the quality and shelf life of our products. The modernised facilities offer better working conditions for our employees, as process automation has eliminated the need for heavy manual handling,” says Teet Soorm, General Manager of HKScan Baltics. The expansion of the Tabasalu facility has increased its combined floor area by 5 000 m2, bringing it to a total of nearly 13 000 m2.

Certain primary units will remain operational at the Loo facility, including a poultry feed factory, chicken hatchery, chicken farm and egg production.

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  • manny atovi monarca

    Lot of countries are expanding on poultry business as the population increases tremendously. We hope that the meat they will produce are free from antibiotic and chemical residue that will affect human health. Here in the Philippines we are using a technology that will take care the birds digestive system so that all nutrients and medication will be absorbed and utilized properly and efficiently. The result no undigested protein present in the manure and very low ammonia fumes that causes foul odor ending up into a non pathogenic and organic fecal waste. It also induces natural detoxification making the product free from antibiotic and chemical residue, with low cholesterol, lean meat, less fats with no rancid smell. Hope other countries will use the additive to ensure safe and healthy food to be produced.

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