News update:Mar 9, 2016

Russia to increase poultry exports by one third

Russia will increase poultry exports by about 30% this year as the falling rouble will benefit Russian exporters and make all Russian products including poultry cheaper at the foreign markets, expert estimations suggest.

It is thought that poultry production has reached such levels that Russia is beginning to register as an exporter, with shipments expected to rise by one-third this year to 40,000 tonnes.

"Russia's broiler exports are expected to grow in 2014 as poultry producers increasing look to foreign markets to spur continued production increases" experts in Moscow stated.

"Most likely these markets will initially be composed of the other former Soviet Union states, but recently small export volumes have begun to move to Asian and African markets."

In addition the significant drop in the rate of the Russian currency may result that the volume of poultry imports to Russia will also fall. Currently Russia is importing 530,000 tonnes of poultry per year and in 2014 this figure initially was not projected to change.

However, Russian authorities say that the import volume with the falling rouble may decrease by 15-20% as for the large number of exporters the supplies to Russia became less attractive, because of the lower prices in dollar equivalent.

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