News update:Mar 9, 2016

Ghana seeks to cut down poultry import levels

Ghana is planning to enforce a strict import policy on poultry and livestock products in an effort to boost local production and cut down the country’s importation bill by the end of the year.

The policy, by the country's Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), allows an importer only 100 tonnes each of livestock and poultry products every three months.

Ghana's poultry sector is currently facing challenges following unbridled trade liberalisation that allows the importation of poultry products to complement those from the ailing poultry industry in Ghana.

The country produced 80% of its poultry needs in 1993, according to MoFA figures, but now only meets 10% of domestic demand. Last year, the country spent $270 million on the importation of poultry products.

To meet the growing demand for poultry products in the country, the deputy minister said the ministry would soon collaborate with the Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers to implement a programme to revitalise the broiler industry.

The programme is to be based on a value chain system involving producers, financiers, marketers and processors.

The Executive Secretary of the Greater Accra Poultry Farmers and Feedmillers, Francis Hammond, while applauding the move, urged the ministry to ensure that raw materials and drugs imported for the poultry and livestock industry met standards.

Source: GhanaWeb

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