News update:Mar 9, 2016

Foie gras as popular as ever

The economic downturn which large parts of the world is experiencing since 2008 isn’t influencing the production and consumption of Foie gras in France.

Even in the middle of the crisis, the French aren't moving away from this expensive delicacy. In the first part of 2014 the sales went up by 12% in volume, in the meantime prices rose with 17%.

In total sales amounted to 2,103 tonnes in the first half of 2014 alone, 220 tonnes more than the year before. In absolute numbers that isn't much, but taking into account that the period doesn't include Christmas, a period in which a lot of Foie gras is consumed and that sales to restaurants are not included, the Foie gras producers can be satisfied.

The producers organisation sees families buying more foie gras and more volume per sales moment.

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