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Safety guidelines set for safe delivery of feed to farms

New guidance on delivering animal feed onto farms safely has been developed by the Farm Safety Partnership for feed companies, delivery drivers and farmers.

The Farm Safety Partnership, comprising AIC, CLA, NFU, TFA and NFU Mutual, has produced the guidance to ensure that the whole industry shares good practice and knowledge.

"By adopting common standards it is hoped that the number of injuries that arise during farm deliveries will decrease," said Garry Rudd, AIC's Technical Manager who has helped develop the new guidance. .

"Amongst the issues addressed are: site access, lighting, unsafe and home-made storage bins, uneven or unstable ground and overhead cables as well as the safety of visitors and children who may be in the yard."

AIC will issue a comprehensive guidance booklet to Members of its Feed Sector, A four page pamphlet will be sent to farms to ensure the message reaches the whole sector.

Both publications will be available on the AIC website.

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