News update:Mar 9, 2016

Nukamel and AkzoNobel form global partnership

AkzoNobel and Nukamel have recently formed a global partnership to combine their strengths in marketing Volamel Extra emulsifier. The collaboration means a long term commitment to supplying high quality nutritional emulsifier to the feed industry.

Volamel Extra relies on the unique combination of AkzoNobel's Bredol technology with Nukamel's experience in producing spray-cooled emulsified powders and its know-how in animal nutrition. This nutritional emulsifier, the most hydrophilic non-ionic emulsifier on the market, improves fat digestibility and feed efficiency. Usage of Volamel Extra in poultry, pig, ruminant and fish diets results in a high return on investment.

"Our collaboration extends beyond mutual marketing through the extensive distribution networks of both AkzoNobel and Nukamel," said Viktoria Lindstrandt, Global Marketing and Sales Manager, Feed Additives, AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry. "Our mutual research and development of Volamel Extra constitute an essential part of our partnership".

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