News update:Mar 9, 2016

Indian poultry feed prices set to rise

Following a continuous uptrend in the prices of key ingredients recently, poultry feed products in India are set to become more expensive over the coming weeks.

Aditya Mishra, a commodity expert says that poultry-feed prices stayed unchanged this week, despite an uptrend in prices of a few of its key ingredients. Prices may increase by INR300-500 a tonne (€3.62-6.02), he added.

In the physical market, soyameal moved up by INR200 (€2.42) and sold at INR 40,200 (€486) a tonne, while bajra eased by INR 300 (€3.62) and sold at INR13,400 (€ 162) a quintal. Di-calcium phosphate went up by 10 paise and was at INR36.70  (€0.44) a kg while maize improved by INR10 (€0.12) and sold at INR1,540 (€18.60) a quintal. DRB improved by INR 200(€2.42)  and sold for INR9,000 (€109), rice bran oil ruled flat at INR55 (€0.66) a kg, MBM was at INR44 (€0.53) while mustard de-oiled cake was at INR15,600 (€189) a tonne.

Pre-lay mash sold at INR1,100(€13.29); layer concentrate 25% was at INR1,520 (€18.36) while layer concentrate 35% was at INR1,200 (€14.49). Broiler concentrate was quoted at INR2,115 (€25.55) for a 50-kg bag.

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