News update:Mar 9, 2016

DLG positive about PAL-VITAL broiler feeding bowl

After having successfully passed a test in practice, the DLG Test Center Technology and Farm Inputs (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society) recently awarded the PAL-VITAL feeding bowl for broilers of the German manufacturer PAL Bullermann with the test label “DLG FokusTest”.

Already during design and development of the feeding bowl, the manufacturer focused on hygienic aspects like few critical edges or cleaning-friendly surfaces. The tool-free mounting of the feeding bowl was easily possible within about 30 seconds, daily cleaning of the bowl was possible by opening the plates with one hand via snap lock and hinge. As the bowl was well-manufactured without sharp edges or manufacturing marks, injury risk for both the broilers and the user was low. In sum the test criterion "handling" was rated "++ = considerably better than standard". As the plate can remain attached to the bowl during cleaning, the test criterion "cleaning" also reached this best-possible rating.

Reduction of residual feed

Concerning the evaluation of feed dosing as third test criterion, the responsible DLG test engineer Iris Beckert stated: "Before new feed is refilled automatically, the residual feed quantities in the bowl were very small. Due to the inward-curved edge of the bowl, feed losses as well as contamination of the feed were very low." Furthermore she added that due to the low filling level and subsequently always fresh feed, there was a low stimulus for the chicks to use the bowl for scratching. As a result, behavioral introduction of feed contaminations was also low, a positive effect that also the bird keepers confirmed.

About the DLG FokusTest

The FokusTest is a DLG usability test intended to allow product differentiation and special highlighting of innovations in machinery and technical products used primarily in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, fruit cultivation and viticulture, as well as in landscape and municipal management. The DLG FokusTest "Handling, Cleaning and Feed Dosing" includes repeated investigations at a real-life farm at different times during the fattening period and also examines both the assembly of the bowls and the time needed for cleaning.

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