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Eurodon increases turkey production volume in 2012

In the last year, Russian turkey producer, Eurodon, strengthened its leading position in the Russian turkey market and reported a rise in production.

At the beginning of 2012 Eurodon constructed additional poultry-farming facilities and increased production in comparison with the level of 2011 by 16%.  In 2012 it produced 39,600 tonnes of turkey meat in live weight - about 220 grams per single Russian citizen.


“Consumption of turkey meat in Russia today stands at the level of 800 grams per person per year.  It is incomparable to western countries: for example, in Europe people consume 7 kg, in America 8 kg, in Israel more than 16 kg a year” the company stated in a press release.


To increase the production level, the company processed more than 7 million eggs during 2012 and raised nearly 3 million heads of special breed turkey. Totally more than 2.6 million heads of a turkey were processed during 2012 in the meat processing complexes of Eurodon. The company makes over 170 types of products from turkey meat and the production of halal is among them.


"We plan to further increase the volumes of own production. Last year the credit committee VEB Bank Group approved our credit demand for construction of a turkey farm for 60,000 tonnes of meat. Within our strategy of development we will strengthen a marketing component of business. One of such concrete examples is the opening of our own shop in Rostov-on-Don", the director general of the Eurodon, Vadim Vaneev reported.

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